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Table 2 Top Five Type B Breast Pathology Report Errors

From: Quality assurance and patient safety protocols for breast and gynecologic pathology in an Academic Women’s Hospital

1: “General Edit/Change in Final Diagnosis”: (32%)  
 Examples include: Edit to ER/PR results, errors in number of lymph nodes reported.  
2: “Premature Signout Errors”: (17%)  
 Examples include: Comments left in which were intended to be deleted, addition of a comment, final edits to the diagnosis, etc.  
3/4: “Synoptic Template Errors” and “Changes to Diagnosis Following Additional Information:” (both: (15%))  
 Specific examples of synoptic template changes that were listed include changes in TNM staging within the synoptic, as well as change in margin status.  
5 “Specimen Part Edit”: (10%)  
 These cases are listed as having to be amended due to an incorrect part/specimen type listed in the final diagnosis