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Table 3 Top Five Type B Gynecologic Pathology Report Errors

From: Quality assurance and patient safety protocols for breast and gynecologic pathology in an Academic Women’s Hospital

1: “General Edit/Change in Final Diagnosis”: (31%)  
 Examples include changing content of comments, diagnosis of whole parts omitted, a benign diagnosis change, and correcting measurements within final diagnosis.  
2: “Omission of Intraoperative Consult Results”: (19%):  
 These cases are listed as having the intraoperative consultation results not listed on the final report/not dictated while grossing.  
3: “Changes to Diagnosis Following Additional Information”: (16%)  
 Examples include changes to final diagnosis after external consultations, change to final diagnosis after additional clinical information.  
4/5: “Premature Signout Errors” and “Synoptic Template Errors”: (9%)  
 Premature sign out included additional descriptions and signing out case before entirely completed. Corrections to synoptic template data.