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Table 1 Correlation of promoter DNA methylation levels of DMGs between primary CMs samples, control melanocytes and melanomas. Significant correlation of gene promoter DNA methylation levels among different HM450K cutaneous melanoma datasets

From: Epigenetic signature of differentially methylated genes in cutaneous melanoma

  514 DMGs signature 500 random gene sets
TCGAa vs 20 melanomas 0.90 0.99
TCGA vs melanocytes 0.63 0.95
20 melanomas vs melanocytes 0.65 0.95
  1. We verified the correlation of DNA methylation of our signature of 514 differentially methylated genes (left column) and those of 500 randomly selected genes (right column) between our CM cohort, TCGA group and the control group of melanocytes. All correlations had a p-value <2,2e-16. aTCGA: 91 primary cutaneous melanoma from The Cancer Genome Atlas database