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Table 1 Example Worksheet To Facilitate Adaptation Decisionsa

From: Successful adaptation of fever and neutropenia clinical practice guideline in China

Source Guideline Recommendation Do not modify the initial empiric antibacterial regimen based solely on persistent fever in children who are clinically stable (Strong recommendation, Low quality evidence)
Local Recommendation After using cefepime for 7 days, change the dose to 1500 mg/m2/dose (MAX 2000 mg), IV every 12 h
Concordance No
Required Supports Ability to judge clinical stability
Appropriate to Setting?
If no, then stop
Facilitators and Barriers  
Resources Required including Patient Costs  
Other Comments  
  1. aTable is populated up to “Required Supports” prior to focus group and remaining fields are completed during the focus group. A table is generated for each recommendation from the source clinical practice guideline