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Table 1 Clinicopathological characteristics of metastatic lung cancer patients, treatment received and CTC’s features

From: Circulating tumor cells as marker of poor prognosis in metastatic lung cancer: a pilot study

Patient G TNM Histological type Last treatment pre-CTC collection CTC/ml CTM Progression post-CTC collection (in months) Death Treatment post-CTC collection Sites pre-CTC collection Site post-CTC collection
1 Male T4N3M1 C untreated 1.0 no 4 months (D) yes cisplatin+gemcitabine pleura, lymph nodes, pericardium, bone pleura, lymph nodes, pericardium, bone
2 Male T2N3M1 A pemetrexed+carboplatin 3.0 yes 5 months yes docetaxel lung, liver, lymph nodes +lung, +liver, lymph nodes, bone
3 Female T4N0M1 A pemetrexed 12.0 yes 3 months no erlotinib/docetaxel/vinorelbine/nivolumab lung, pleura +lung, bone
4 Male T4N0M1 A pemetrexed 3.0 no 8 months no docetaxel/gemcitabine/navelbine bone, lymph nodes, CNS +bone, lymph nodes, CNS
5 Male T2N0M1 A gefitinib 8.0 no 5 months yes docetaxel/erlotinib pleura, CNS +pleura, +CNS
6 Female T1N2M1 A bevacizumab 2.0 yes 4 months yes erlotinib/pemetrexed/gemcitabine lung, lymph nodes, adrenal +lung, +lymph nodes, adrenal
7 Male T4N3M1 A untreated 1.0 no 24 months no erlotinib/carboplatin+paclitaxel+bevacizumab/pemetrexed bone, CNS, lung +bone, +CNS, lung
8 Female T4N3M1 A untreated 18.75 no 9 months no carboplatin+paclitaxel+bevacizumab/pemetrexed/crizotinib/ceritinib lung +lung, bone, CNS, lymph nodes
9 Female T3N2M1 A untreated 3.5 no 3 months yes carboplatin+pemetrexed/docetaxel bone, pleura, lymph nodes bone, pleura, lymph nodes, lung
10 Female T1N1M1 A cisplatin+vinorelbine 4.06 no 10 months no erlotinib lung, CNS +lung, +CNS
11 Male M1 A untreated 0.37 no 3 months (D) yes untreated lung, bone, CNS NT
12 Male T3N0M1 C cisplatin+pemetrexed 1.87 no 2 months yes gefitinib liver, lymph nodes, pancreas liver, lymph nodes, pancreas
13 Female T4N0M1 A untreated 0 no 12 months yes carboplatin+pemetrexed/docetaxel/gemcitabine pleura, lymph nodes pleura, lymph nodes, bone, CNS
14 Male M1 A untreated 3 no 3 months (D) yes untreated lung, bone, lymph nodes, CNS, adrenal NT
15 Male M1 A untreated 0 no 8 months no carboplatin+paclitaxel+bevacizumab/pemetrexed/docetaxel/nivolumab/erlotinib/gefitinib/gemcitabine bone, lymph nodes, CNS, mesentery +bone, +lymph nodes, CNS, mesentery, liver, lung
  1. Legend: Each line of chemotherapy was separated for slash symbol (/)
  2. G gender, CTC circulating tumor cell, CTM circulating tumor microemboli, CNS central nervous system, + progression at preexisting tumor site, NT not treated, D First progression was death, T tumor size, N lymph node commitment, M distant metastasis (AJCC) [18], C Carcinoma, A adenocarcinoma