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Table 1 Functional relationship between splicing isoforms of a gene

From: Splicing isoform-specific functional genomic in cancer cells

  Scenario 1 (Monofunctional) Scenario 2 (Antagonistic) Scenario 3: (Redundancy)
Isoform A Function A Function A Function A
Isoform B No function Function anti-A Function A’
Phenotype dependent on [A] [A] / [B] [A] + [B]
SM targeting Isoform A Yes Yes No
SM targeting Isoform B No Yes (anti A) No
ISI targeting A Yes Yes Yes
ISI targeting B No Yes (anti A) Yes
ISI targeting A and B Yes No Yes
  1. Three theoric scenarios that fits most ASEs generating two isoforms. Yes phenotype, No no phenotype