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Table 2 Example of Knights Cabin Cancer Retreat Program Scheduling

From: Letter to the Editor: The development of knights cabin cancer retreats: a community program to engage cancer survivors’ proactive health behaviors

Day 1
3:00 pm Arrival/Check In  
5:00 pm Orientation Retreat orientation
Facilitators: Knight’s Cabin Board of Directors
5:30 pm Introduction to Behaviour Change An overview of the key elements of behaviour change.
Facilitator: Certified Exercise Physiologist
6:00 pm Dinner  
7:30 pm Meditation Guided meditation.
Facilitator: Meditation expert
Day 2
8:30 am Breakfast  
9:15 am Hike Location and length weather dependent
Facilitator: Certified Exercise Physiologist
11:30 am Lunch  
12:30 pm Exercise and Cancer Benefits and Exercise prescription
Facilitator: Certified exercise physiologist
1:30 pm Yoga Facilitator: Yoga instructor
3:00 pm Psychologist Dealing with trauma
Facilitator: Registered Psychologist
4:30 pm Free time  
5:30 pm Dinner  
7:00 pm Improving Sleep Sleep management techniques.
Facilitator: Sleep expert
8:00 pm Group Chat Increasing social support
Day 3
8:30 am Breakfast  
9:30 am Nutrition Following the American Cancer Association’s nutritional guidelines.
Facilitator: Registered Dietician
10:30 am Evaluation Behavioral change facilitation and program evaluation
Facilitators: Certified Exercise Physiologist
11:00 am Free time  
12:00 pm Lunch  
1:30 pm Yoga Facilitator: Certified Yoga Instructor
2:00 pm Check out