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Table 2 P values of statistical analysis of different clinical and pathological parameters

From: Clinical significance of p27 Kip1 expression in advanced ovarian cancer

 Mann Whitney U testaPearson’s X2b
Tumor stage> 0.9999< 0.0001
Histopathological Grade> 0.9999< 0.0001
Pathological type> 0.9999< 0.0001
Ascites> 0.9999< 0.0001
Response to treatment> 0.9999< 0.0001
Residual disease0.6667< 0.0001
  1. aMann Whitney U test between Positive p27 by IHC and increased expression by RT-PCR and different parameters, bPearson’s X2 test between positive and negative P27 by IHC and by RT-PCR and different parameters