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Table 3 Comparison of P27kip1 assessment by immunohistochemistry, qRT-PCR, and different prognostic parameters

From: Clinical significance of p27 Kip1 expression in advanced ovarian cancer

Stage No%No%  
IIIA10Uprega or positive IHCb8808800.3130.576
Downreg.c or negative IHC220220
IIIB12Upreg or positive IHC1083.31083.30.30.584
Downreg. or negative IHC216.7216.7
IIIC66Upreg or positive IHC4263.64263.60.0330.856
Downreg. or negative IHC2436.42436.4
Mod. + Welld30Upreg or positive IHC2686.72686.70.1440.704
Downreg. or negative IHC413.3413.3
Poor58Upreg or positive IHC1627.61627.60.0430.835
Downreg. or negative IHC4272.44272.4
serous64Upreg or positive IHC4367.23859.40.5380.463
Downreg. or negative IHC2132.82640.6
NSe24Upreg or positive IHC28.3416.70.190.663
Downreg. or negative IHC2291.72083.3
present60Upreg or positive IHC1423.318300.3840.536
Downreg. or negative IHC4676.74270
absent28Upreg or positive IHC2485.72485.70.1460.703
Downreg. or negative IHC414.3414.3
Resid Disf
>  2 cm60Upreg or positive IHC152518300.1670.683
Downreg. or negative IHC45754270
<  2 cm28Upreg or positive IHC21752485.70.4530.501
Downreg. or negative IHC725414.3
CR, Micro dis., PRg46Upreg or positive IHC4189.140870>.999
Downreg. or negative IHC510.9613
NR or progressive dis.h42Upreg or positive IHC12.424.80>.999
Downreg. or negative IHC4197.64095.2
  1. a Upregulation; b Immunohistochemistry; c downregulation; d Moderate and well-differentiated; e non-serous; f residual disease; g CR complete response, Micro dis.: microscopic disease, PR: partial response and h NR no response, progressive dis.: progressive disease