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Erratum to: Genomics and epidemiology for gastric adenocarcinomas

Applied Cancer Research201737:11

Received: 23 March 2017

Accepted: 28 March 2017

Published: 3 May 2017

The original article was published in Applied Cancer Research 2017 37:7


Following the publication of this article [1] it has come to our attention that the list of GE4GAC network members found in the acknowledgements section was incorrect. The original article has been corrected and the correct list can also be seen below:

Fernando Augusto Soares1, Felipe J. F. Coimbra2, Adriane G. Pelosof3, Helano C. Freitas4, 5, Maria Dirlei Begnami1, Wilson Luis da Costa Jr.2, Marcello F. Fannelli4, Celso Abdon Lopes de Mello4, Maria Galli de Amorim5, Melissa Pool Pizzi5, Luiza Caramelo5, Elisa N Ferreira6, Bruna DF Barros6, Giovana T. Torrezan6, Rodrigo Ramalho6, Dirce M Carraro6, Thiago Chulam7, Fernanda Sulian de Carvalho7, Daniel D. De Carvalho8, 9, Ana CV Krepischi10, Eduardo Tarazona-Santos11, Luiz Gonzaga Vaz Coelho12, Rosane Oliveira de Sant’Ana13, Rommel Rodríguez Burbano14, Paulo Assumpção15, João Carlos Setúbal16, Andrew M. Thomas5, 16, Ludmilla TD Chinen17, Alexcia Camila Braun17, Vanessa Alves17, Edson K. Cassinela18, Gabriela Pintar de Oliveira18, Michele C. Landemberger18, Renan Valieris19, Rodrigo Drummond19, Israel Tojal da Silva19, Rodolfo Cézar20, Vinícius F. Calsavara20, Calebe R. Nóbrega20, Irina G. Bobrovnitchaia19, Thais F. Bartelli5, Graziela PB Baladão20, Ana CC Pereira20, Camila M Gatti20, Lais Lie Senda de Abrantes17, Vilma Regina Martins18, Diana Noronha Nunes5, Maria Paula Curado20, Emmanuel Dias-Neto5



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Authors’ Affiliations

A.C.Camargo Cancer Center


  1. Genomics and epidemiology for gastric adenocarcinomas. Applied Cancer Research 2017 37:7 doi:10.1186/s41241-017-0011-2


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